Get Out!

Please leave. Get out of my head. Why are you still here? I asked you to leave. I begged you to leave a long time ago. But you stayed. I had a dream about us last night. Tonight we were off to a faraway place. Not just physically far, but emotionally far. You know why we were so far away? Because we were happy. We were smiling and joking and I loved it! But then I woke up. I remembered that you don’t care. And it hurts. Especially because you’ve replaced me. But even as I’m slowly moving on you’re still here. Why are you in my head. I thought I was getting over you but you stay. I’m begging you to leave. I’m begging you to get out. If I say it louder will you finally leave? Get Out! Please. Don’t hurt me anymore. This fight is getting too hard for me. It’s a constant battle in my head. But you don’t care. Why? What exactly did I do? Please tell me…


Do you ever drive by houses at night and see all the lights on in the house. Every single light is a person. A person you’ll never meet. that makes me so sad. All those stories you’ll never hear. All those laughs that will never escape your mouth. And those tears that will never see the light of day. I want to know them. All of them. I want to know the pain they have been through. I want to know the great joys of their lives. I want to be there for them when no one else can be. But I can’t know everyone. I can’t be there for them and that makes me really sad